The problem

40% of your CRM contacts are out-of-date

50% of your high-value contacts are missing altogether

Dumpster diving for contacts

This is how much your missing and out-of-date high-value CRM contacts may be worth. Don't believe it? If you don't believe contacts have value, why invest in a CRM in the first place?

CRM contacts are sourced by address books. The problem is that most people don't save their contacts. Instead, they go "dumpster diving" in their email in boxes looking for emails that contain the signature contacts they need at the time they need them -- and then fail to save those contacts in their address books.

For the relative few contacts that are saved, many fall out-of-date because users don't know which contacts are no longer current.

gwabbit DQM: the key to high-performance data quality management...

How much faster is DQM? Up to 35x faster!

In our recent "World's Fastest Data Steward" webinar, Ice Miller's Mercedes Potter was clocked processing InterAction contact updates at a rate of 540 contacts per hour using gwabbit DQM -- 35 times faster than traditional CRM methods. Read Ice Miller's case study here.