What's gwabbit?

  • Simple -- gwabbit harvests fresh contact and relationship data from emails. gwabbit then puts that data to work:

  • Relationships -- gwabbit presents "who knows whom" relationships via a powerful suite of reports. gwabbit can also push relationship data into your enterprise CRM

  • Contacts -- gwabbit automatically adds contacts to your address book and CRM. It even notifies you when it it has a current version of an out-of-date contact in your address book or CRM

What does gwabbit do better than anyone else (why is everyone switching to gwabbit?)

LinkedIn profiles –  gwabbit is the industry's only ERM solution with LinkedIn profile links

Zero false positives – gwabbit Relationship Manager offers the industry’s most accurate relationship scoring, never reporting an embarrassing false positive relationship

Turbocharge your CRM and address books –  gwabbit is the industry's only ERM that syncs contacts and relationships scores with all major CRMs and Outlook address books

Clean contacts – gwabbit is the industry's only ERM solution that uses LinkedIn to automatically identify and update out-of-date CRM and address book contacts

BoardEx sync – gwabbit is the only ERM solution that syncs with BoardEx, the world’s leading relationship capital management solution. Show your partners how they are connected to the world’s top business leaders.

Accuracy - other ERMs claim they can automatically recognize, capture, and parse email signatures. Our reply?

Prove it.

Just ask them to provide 3 major customer references. That's all.

Contact recognition isn't easy to do. gwabbit provides the industry's highest recognition accuracy -- by a wide margin.