Laser-precision contact lists and relationships,
plus LinkedIn®, heat maps, hyperbolic displays, plus legacy ERM data import.  

Transforming email into contacts and relationship capital

CRM contact content is sourced from individual address books. Unfortunately, most users don't save the contacts they receive via email. Instead, they use their email inboxes as address books, searching their email for the signature contact they need at the time they need it, then fail to save the contact.

For the relative few contacts that are saved, many fall out-of-date because users don't know which contacts are no longer current.

For a 1,000-professional enterprise, this translates to as many as 376,000 missing high-value contacts, and 136,000 out-of-date contacts.

gwabbit recaptures this contact and relationship capital, enabling the enterprise to put it to work, making money for the firm.

gwabbit ERM contact and colleague lists with LinkedIn and known/known-by relationships

gwabbit ERM contact and colleague lists with LinkedIn and known/known-by relationships

Search and rapidly refine contact and relationship lists

Search by company, name, industry, geography, domain, even by your colleague practice groups!

gwabbit responds with contact and colleague lists and known/known-by relationships.

Rapidly filter your contact and relationships to the precise list you need with a few mouse clicks. Filter by relationship strength, job title strata, geographic proximity, industry and company.

Heat map and hyperbolic contact/relationship display

Heat map and hyperbolic contact/relationship display

Heat map and hyperbolic display options

gwabbit offers a variety of display options, including list displays, relationship heat maps, aggregate enterprise relationship trends, and hyperbolic displays.


On-the-fly results filters

gwabbit ERM 3.0 provides a suite of on-the-fly precision filters, enabling users to refine search results into the specific contact/relationship list desired. Results may be filtered by relationship strength, job title strength, geo, industry codes, and companies.

LinkedIn profile links

gwabbit is the world's only enterprise relationship management solution that automatically enriches contacts with LinkedIn profile links.

Export options

gwabbit ERM 3.0 provides a wide variety of report export options, including Excel, XML, saved reports, as well as export to gwabbit's soon-to-be-released List Manager syncing gwabbit precision lists with your favorite direct mail campaign manager.

Excel report options include email and physical mail lists, known-by relationships, and relationship heat maps. Contact detail report also provides LinkedIn profile URLs and NAICS and SIC industry codes.

gwabbit ERM Excel reports

Import your existing ERM data!

Are you worried about losing contact and relationship data from your legacy ERM solution? Don't. gwabbit can easily import all of your existing data and report it in gwabbit's current generation reports.

You can also import colleague data and practice groups, enabling you to easily connect the dots between principals in your organization and contacts.