What's gwabbit?

gwabbit automatically captures and updates signature contact and relationship data from emails, then puts that data to work:

  • gwabbit adds and updates contacts and relationships to external CRMs
  • gwabbit adds and updates contacts to Outlook address books
  • gwabbit presents enterprise contact and relationship data in its own native ERM reports

What problems does gwabbit solve?

Question: what do these two address book forms have in common?

Answer: no one uses them.

Users don’t save contacts in their address books.

Instead, they go “dumpster diving” in their email inboxes looking for the emails that contain the contacts they need, without saving those contacts. Many of the relative few contacts that get added don’t get updated because users don’t know they’re out-of-date.

Result: 50% of high-value contacts are missing. 40% of saved contacts are out-of-date.

You’re rolling your eyes, right? We’re suggesting that if you buy gwabbit, your organization will make an additional $51M a year.

However, if you don't believe more and better contacts = more revenue, why invest in a CRM?

CRMs are expensive

If half of you CRM's high-value data is missing, and 40% of the rest is out-of-date, investing in your CRM without a viable data strategy is a diminishing returns exercise (at best).