ILTA Session: breakfast with gwabbit -- turning InterAction into a one-stop-shop for clean contacts and robust relationships (plus LinkedIn & BoardEx integration)


Why are gwabbit CRM contact cleansing and relationship management tools the fastest-growing enterprise solutions for the Am Law 100?

Join us for breakfast (or afternoon coffee) at ILTA on Monday, August 19th and find out!

In this session we'll cover:

  • Data cleansing – get the latest case study stats from gwabbit Am Law 100 clients. How much dirty data is gwabbit finding and cleaning up? How many new high-value contacts are client firms adding to their business development initiatives (the numbers will surprise you) 

  • Integrated LinkedIn® CRM relationships – how gwabbit is integrating LinkedIn with its filtered relationship analytics to produce the highest confidence relationship data available

  • Sync to BoardEx – gwabbit’s sync to BoardEx’s database of premier business professionals, showing your partners how they’re connected to the leaders in global business

Enjoy a full breakfast with gwabbit during ILTA! Simply email to reserve your space at our 8AM or 2PM August 19 session.

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