The state-of-the-union:

For a business with 1,000 professionals, you can expect that over 200,000 of your 700,000+ contacts are out-of-date. An additional 140,000 contacts will expire this year...  


Deep clean. More contacts.

In its first 6 months of operation, you can expect to clean up to 100,000 out-of-date CRM contacts. You can expect to add over 250,000 new contacts to your CRM from post-spam-filtered email...


Time is money...

gwabbit cleans up contacts up to 36x faster than traditional data quality management methods. Assuming your 1,000-professional business could identify all the dirty data in its CRM (a mighty big "if"), it would take nearly 11 full time data stewards to clean it up the old-fashioned way. 

gwabbit can clean it up with only 1/3 of 1 person, at a cost-savings of over $800K per year! 


More & better contacts = more revenue.

Contacts = money. This is why your business made the decision to invest in a CRM in the first place. If only 1% of the new and updated contacts delivered by gwabbit generate only $10,000 in additional revenue for your 1,000-professional business, your business will realize over $50M