What is your enterprise data quotient?

If yours is like most firms, your numbers look like this:

How do those percentages translate to revenue? Here's the math:

You’re rolling your eyes, right? We’re suggesting that if you buy gwabbit, your organization will make an additional $51M a year.

However, if you don't believe more and better contacts = more revenue, why invest in a CRM in the first place?

Why is my CRM data so, well, awful?

CRM data is sourced from address books. The problem is that people don't save contacts in their address books. Instead, they go "dumpster diving" in their email inboxes looking for the email that contains the contact they're looking for. They rarely save that contact, and, even if they do, they don't update the contact because they don't know which contacts are out-of-date.

Enter gwabbit

The gwabbit concept is simple: people don't send emails with out-of-date signature contacts. gwabbit "gwabs" those contacts and associated relationships, supplying more and better information to turbocharge your CRM and business development initiatives.

gwabbit automatically captures and updates signature contact and relationship data from emails, then puts that data to work:


  • gwabbit adds and updates contacts and relationships to external CRMs
  • gwabbit adds and updates contacts to Outlook address books
  • gwabbit presents enterprise contact and relationship data in its own native ERM reports

How does gwabbit work?

Email is forwarded to gwabbit's server via either MS Exchange or gwabbit's Outlook plug-in. gwabbit "gwabs" the signature contact and relationship metadata and deletes the email in real time.

gwabbit may be hosted on-prem or in gwabbit's cloud

                      Click for a closer look at ERM 3.0

                      Click for a closer look at ERM 3.0

gwabbit reports

gwabbit automatically updates CRM contacts and relationships. Contact and relationship data may also be viewed using gwabbit native reports.

gwabbit's latest generation ERM 3.0 reports offer relationship heat maps, aggregate trend and hyperbolic displays in addition to traditional contact and colleague contact and relationship lists, enriched with LinkedIn profile links.

Search and refine by company, industry, geo/proximity, relationship strength, and job title level, then export to Excel workbooks.