Fresh contacts for enterprise.
Fresh contacts for users. 

Now that you've cleaned up your CRM contacts with gwabbit Enterprise, why not be a hero and clean up your users' address books as well?

gwabbit Outlook -- Enterprise Edition, syncs with gwabbit Enterprise to deliver new and updated contacts captured by gwabbit Enterprise to your individual user address books. 

Context-sensitive contacts

gwabbit Enterprise delivers only those contacts intended for specific users. It does this by forwarding contacts based on the "TO" address of the email from which the contact is harvested.


Optional crowdsourced data quality management

Many businesses don't have data quality management staff to keep their CRM content clean and up-to-date. Optionally, gwabbit Outlook can be used to update the enterprise CRM or data warehouse by crowdsourcing new and updated contacts. Contacts can be sent to gwabbit Outlook inbox that enables users to vet their contacts before adding them to their address books. Changes are sent to the central gwabbit DBMS, which is synced to the CRM.